That’s how we work.

We know the markets of our clients and the everyday course of their business. We pay attention to close personal service. We’re there from the start and avoid needless conflicts.

Cooperation as a Factor of Success

Litigation, however, is not an evil to be avoided at all costs. Determined and dedicated litigation is the most effective means against persistent infringers. There is a simple recipe for success in court: Close cooperation between attorney and client. Our clients know why they litigate and that they must do their part.

Cutting corners and using tricks doesn’t bring success in the long run. Our word holds true for court and opponent, because we give our best attention to the facts, ensuring no bridges are burned after successful litigation; often enough, our clients will meet their opponents a second time.

Our word holds true for court and opponent, because we give our best attention to the facts.

We are internationally active. Whatever we publish, we write ourselves and know the subject through experience. We are efficient and love our work.

Our firm advises well-known brand manufacturers on all questions of unfair competition and trademark law. The company focuses on the field of luxury goods and we advise, amongst other things, on the development and protection of selective distribution systems. We pursue parallel importers and product pirates, cooperate with customs throughout Europe, uncover structures and distribution chains of the counterfeit and look-alike trade and call to account those who pull the strings.

Knowing the Law
and the Industry

Here, as well as in other industries, we defend trademarks against the risk of confusion, free-riding and dilution. The firm manages and structures trademark and design law portfolios, always keeping an eye on the future success of potential litigation.

Our support of leading companies from the media, technology, transport, logistic or luxury foodstuff sectors, means we are confronted daily with all industry-related questions of intellectual property law, including copyright, media and anti-trust law.

Advisors in Times of Rapid Change

In all our areas of practice, we are experiencing the profound changes and challenges brought about by the new means of telecommunication, the impact of the internet on internal and external corporate communication, and by new forms of advertising and distribution. This rapid change is affecting the brand industry in different ways; many of our clients see internet trade as a risk to their intellectual property rights and a threat to their distribution systems. We meet these new and exciting challenges with practical monitoring, summary proceedings and model lawsuits. Our achievements in this field are something of which we are particularly proud.