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“The strengths of this regularly recommended IP boutique for trademark and competition law lie particularly in the field of brand industry and online trading. The counselling for start-up companies has evolved dynamically in both offices, in particular in the Berlin office .”


A firm which comes highly recommended for trademarks and unfair competition and is constantly expanding its radius: thanks to experience in monitoring and action against large Internet trading platforms, LL is litigating for a growing number of branded companies.


The law firm is frequently recommended for trademark and competition law and maintains a high profile in litigation, especially in cases of fundamental significance and cases before high levels of jurisdiction.


This IP Boutique, frequently recommended for trademark and competition law, is evolving more and more into the place to go for questions relating to counterfeiting.”

“Competitors perceive the office as having a strong market presence and praise its ‘great track record and many trademark law proceedings’.


This boutique is highly recommended to an equal degree in trademarks and unfair competition and is an established name for IP.”


JUVE IP Law Firm of the Year 2009

JUVE Trademark and Unfair Compeition Firm of the Year 2009

A client praised the team of this much recommended IP Boutique for its competence, commitment to service and loyalty. Also competition recognized that the ‘small practice with top clients has been developing superbly’.

Lubberger Lehment has celebrated one litigation success after the next – and word of this is quickly getting around in the market. Like almost no other boutique, the firm is not only known for its expertise in trademarks and unfair competition, but has also made a name for itself as an industry expert. Several Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) decisions for well-known brands can be chalked up to Lubberger Lehment and create a bridge to the practice’s specialty in distribution law.

No wonder, then, that competitors get the impression that they ‘always seem to come across Lubberger Lehment’.